Our Services

We provide strategic solutions for your HR needs

From PD Consulting Limited, you will experience services from a team of seasoned and professional Human Resources practitioners. We customize products and services holistically to drive your business priorities.


Recruitment Service

PD Consulting can help you source, and hire right candidates for your organization.
Candidates sourcing
Candidates screening
Interview arrangement
Job description and advertisement
Reference check

Payroll Management and Tax Reporting

With reliable, timely payroll and tax reporting services from our seasoned specialists, you can get back to focusing on building your business.
Monthly payroll/MPF calculation and report
Leave administration
Employer’s Returns - Forms IR56A, IR56B, and IR56M
Form IR56E for new joiners
Forms IR56F (cessation) and IR56G (departure) for leavers

Benefits Administration and Management

We have access to a wide range of employee benefits products to attract, motivate and retain your employees.
MPF enrolment administration, and cessation
Benefits enrolment, administration, and cessation
Benefits advisory and management, including identifying, planning, and implementing the benefits (MPF, medical, insurance, etc.) plan(s)